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What is Mirinn Minimalist?

We want to bring a smile to your face without a shocking price tag to your wallet.

Mirinn Minimalist specialises in made to order jewellery using the best quality gemstones in solid gold in the price range you are comfortable with.

Life’s little luxuries are what we are all about.  If you are looking for a full experience in bespoke, please visit our main site at


Agneta L.



What We Make

Made to Order









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The Mirinn Minimalist Diamond Collection

Simple sparkling bands, ring guards, geometric designs… these are the hallmarks of our minimalist diamond collection.  All our diamonds are set in 14k or 18k solid gold and are designed for maximum comfort wear all day

OWhat we do

Made to Order

Like a ring in our catalog and you wonder if we have a different gemstone, a different finish, a different gold colour?  Drop us a message and we will be in touch within 24 hours!


Our Latest Jewellery

Our newest designs!


Find the design of your dreams from our increasing range of designs available.

Remember, we made all our jewellery on order, that means you do not need to settle for a limited range of designs with limited gemstone options.

If we have it, we can make it – simple as that!


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